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I'm Dr. Josef Olmert

I specialize on the modern middle east and Israeli politics

I deal mainly with Syria and Lebanon, minorities in the middle east, questions of political legitimacy and all aspects of the Arab-Paletinian-Israeli, and Israeli politics. 

I obtained my Ph.D from the London School of Economims, and have taught at quite  a few leading universities all over the world:

* Tel Aviv University

* Hebrew University

* York University

* City College of NY

* Cornell University

*American University

*University of South Carolina

I've had rich experience in dealing with the world press and working with the world media about all those issues.

I've held position in the Israeli government - 

* Director of the government press office

* Advisor to Prime Minister Itzhak Shamir

* Participant in the Madrid Peace Conference

*Negotiator of peace with Syria

* Policy advisor to defence minister Arens

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